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Rotten Tomatoes receives first rebrand in 17 years

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Rotten Tomatoes, the film and TV review website has been rebranded by Pentagram partner Emily Oberman, with a new logo series of icons and colour palette, becoming their first rebrand since 2001. The purpose of the rebrand is to “modernise” it but at the same time retain its “familiar elements”.

Founded in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes was an online resource for film and TV, and combines reviews from a collection of various review sites, magazines and newspapers, and then gives overall rankings in one place. The name comes from the result of performers giving poor performances and audience members throwing tomatoes at them.

Rotten Tomatoes, previous logosRotten Tomatoes, logo

The previous logo, dating back to 2001, comprised of quirky, unbalanced, out of line typography with the “o’s” in “Tomatoes” being replaced by tomato symbols. The logotype was yellow inside a black outline with a small drop shadow.

The updated logo is a more polished alternative to the previous one. Emily Oberman has adjusted the leading, stabilised the letters by bringing them level with each other, with a flat logo in block red, with more abstract tomato symbols which again represent the “o’s”. She has also used negative space to create a “rotten” or squashed tomato symbol, which is visually described by a green splodge.

An abbreviated symbol has also been created, with the same red tomato symbol, but this time using negative space to create the letters “RT”.

Rotten Tomatoes, logo paletteRotten Tomatoes, symbols

Black, white, red, light yellow, dark yellow, light green and dark green have been used to create the brand colour palette, and the logo appears in all of these various colours. A new set of icons have been designed which will be used as part of a rating system on the Rotten Tomatoes website. A “fresh” tomato will represent a highly-rated film, while a “rotten” tomato indicates a poorly-rated film.

The rebrand was completed by Oberman and her Pentagram team in collaboration with Rotten Tomatoes’ site users and fans, with the branding ready to launch at South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival in Austin, Texas, US, opening this week.

The Rotten Tomatoes logo and icons are currently rolling out on the website and app, and will be followed by a website refresh which will be using the new design style.

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