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Plastic Free Aisle is world’s first for compostable bio-materials

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Plastic Free Aisle, an initiative which has been launched in partnership with the environmental charity A Plastic Planet and the Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza, have been branded by Made Thought in a world first.

The London studio have been working alongside the campaign group A Plastic Planet to design the identity for the “world’s first plastic-free aisle”.

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Made Thought were hired to create the logo and campaign for Plastic Free Aisle, an initiative originating from the Dutch supermarket Ekoplaza. The environmental drive is being launched at the Amsterdam store where more than 700 food items and other products packed in recyclable materials are set in the aisle, which will all use the “plastic free” mark.

The branding for the environmental push aims to bring “much needed clarity and focus” to the growing problem of plastic pollution, says Made Thought.

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The three-dimensional black and white logo takes inspiration from the aesthetic of propaganda, with the purpose of informing shoppers instantly that a product is plastic-free, with a growing amount of products being packaged in compostable bio-materials for everyday products that look like they are in traditional look plastic packaging.

The design had also been created with the idea that the mark could be replicated globally because of its simplicity.

Plastic Free Aisle, part of changePlastic Free Aisle, plastic free world

“In taking on this challenging brief, we wanted to look beyond the overused lines about environmentalism and altruism. The brief was all about fashioning a new way of looking at plastic and its place in modern life,” says Made Thought founding partner Ben Parker.

The supermarket will open its second Plastic Free Aisle at Ekoplaza’s The Hague branch in June 2018, and roll out to the remaining 74 outlets in the Netherlands by the end of 2018.

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