National Theatre of Scotland, main

National Theatre of Scotland reveals brand refresh

Ian Bonner News

National Theatre of Scotland have commissioned Manchester based design studio Music to create a fresh new look. The design studio have used a monochrome colour palette along with a bracket frame taken from the existing logo to unify the brand …

Slack. main

Slack given rebrand by Michael Beirut

Ian Bonner News

Slack, the collaborative working tool which is used by employees to chat and share work projects has been rebranded for the first time, taking on a “simplified” logo along with a smaller colour palette that sees the slanted hashtag symbol …

LEAF, main

LEAF branded by Manchester based Superfried

Ian Bonner News

LEAF, the new conservation initiative for orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers has been branded by Manchester based design studio, Superfried, with an identity that mirrors the species it is working to protect. The studio have created the branding for LEAF, an …

Fyne Ales, main

Fyne Ales branding reflects farm heritage

Ian Bonner News

Fyne Ales, the independent Scottish brewery, have been given a new look by Glasgow based studio, O Street, in an effort to match it to its countryside location on a family farm. Introduced in 2001, Fyne Ales began on a …

England Rugby, main

England Rugby looks to “reflect diversity” of the game

Ian Bonner News

England Rugby have teamed up with Onwards design studio to update the branding of the organisation, basing it around a “timeline” linear graphic system which is “flexible” and that will appeal to a wider range of people. England Rugby, previously …

Azerbaijan, main

Azerbaijan reveals new country branding to entice visitors

Ian Bonner News

Azerbaijan, located across the Asia-Europe boundary, have unveiled their new country branding designed by Landor, in a bid to entice more visitors to discover its “untold stories and secrets” from its mountain ranges to its cultural events. The place brand …