Mastercard rebrand by Pentagram

Mastercard rebrand

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Mastercard have unveiled a rebrand designed by Pentagram. The solid, interlocking red and yellow circles are gone, replaced by a transparent section in the centre, blended together to create an orange overlap. The old fashioned italic typography has been modernised …

Rejected Remain campaign advert lead it

Rejected Remain Campaign ads

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A look into the Remain camps failed attempt to sway the British public has emerged after M&C Saatchi decided to release some of the rejected ads from their campaign. Here are some of the ads as reported by Campaign where …

Speculative work

Speculative Work

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Speculative work (free pitching) is when a client or customer requires an example or finished artwork before agreeing to pay after for what has been created. Sometimes the term ‘crowdsourcing’ is used to describe speculative work. Technically they aren’t the …

Brexit and the effect on the UK design industry

Brexit and UK design

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On 23rd June 2016 we visited our local polling station to cast the most important vote we will have or have had in generations. Even up until the last few hours people were unsure which way to vote. Now the …