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Alexa Chung new anticipated fashion label given “playful” brand identity

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Alexa Chung, the model and TV presenter, has revealed the branding for her much eagerly anticipated fashion label.

The branding has been designed by the London based consultancy, Studio Frith, who were commissioned to create the identity along with the packaging and an accompanying campaign for the launch.

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The Alexa Chung branding is a typographic word marque which centres around the fashion designer’s initials, with a “clashing” pink and beige colour palette.

The bespoke symbol has the intention of being both “formal” and “playful”, say Studio Frith, which shows a sans-serif “A” that merges into and upturned “C”, representative of Alexa Chung initials.

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The quirky, playful nature of the logo is represented in the launch photoshoot, orchestrated by photographer Jon Corrigan, which sees models wearing their jeans on back-to-front and their tops pulled up to their ears obscuring their faces.

The marque uses its versatility by being used on its own and also by being repeated across images in the style of a “football chant” or “a festival anthem chorus”, similar to a paper chain link.

Alexa Chung, photoshoot4Alexa Chung, photoshoot5Alexa Chung, packaging

The main Alex Chung colour palette is baby pink and dark beige which also uses “clashing” colours including green, aqua, black and brown, which are used on clothing labels and packaging.

The box packaging is simple and minimalist, using only the “AC” logo, with the clothes contents encased in tissue paper wrapping with the image of a large cat ornament.

The brand identity has now rolled out across all print and digital formats.

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